About Warren and The Magpies


What's this all about then?

We're a group of Midlands based musicians who decided to collect shiny and eclectic pop and rock classics and rework them into a foot-stomping folk/bluegrass style.

We play everything from Depeche Mode to Black Sabbath, via Erasure and Duran Duran, in ways that the original writers would never have dreamed!!

Fiddle, mandolin, and kazoos are all used to re-imagine these classic tunes!! 


Have you done this sort of thing before?

Well, we're all seasoned pro and semi-pro musicians, who've worked in a variety of musical environments, from West End shows to major orchestras, with a little bit of heavy metal thrown in for good measure.

Our folky bluegrass reworkings have brought us together in a new mission: to turn any party or occasion into a toe tapping, foot stomping, dancetastic event!! 


So who are you all?

Malc - Guitar, Mandolin, Vocals

Jools - Fiddle

Rick - Drums

Mike - Bass


So which one's Warren?

Warren is a legendary multi-instrumentalist and our musical leader. Among his many talents, he is an expert Stylophone, theremin, kazoo and spoons player.

Unfortunately for a variety of reasons he's never actually shown up for a gig...come to think of it, he's never made it to a rehearsal either...

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Where's Warren?