Where's Warren?

A Musical Wanderer (with a poor sense of direction....)

Warren Huehnergard was born on the Uskine prairies in Nustruaria. His family were members of the Oshein tribe, whose nomadic existence is noted for being due to their poor map reading skills and travel mis-haps, rather than lifestyle choice. 

At age 5, Warren built a rudimentary guitar from a Weetabix box, a rolled up Auto Trader and some leftover spaghetti, and was immediately hailed as a musical protege (he still occasionally plays that instrument to this day).

Recognising his natural ability, his parents enrolled (or as the prosecution claimed "abandoned") him in the Ugrary School of Music in Kaflunia, where he became a true multi-instrumentalist, graduating with 1st class honours in Stylophone and Theremin studies.

He joined the Froystein Philharmonic as 2nd Kazoo and lead Spoons, before finding the constraints of a formal musical environment too restricting.

Since then, he has traveled the world searching for new musical adventures, recording many multi-platinum albums in his homeland, and culminating in his forming Warren and The Magpies.

Somewhat inevitably, Warren has inherited his family's sense of direction and bad luck with travel, and therefore often struggles to make it to gigs...or rehearsals...or photo sessions...or most events really...

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